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Pre Sales Template Question
I found this as a link from a friend on Facebook and have been looking this over. I have to say that I am interested in this. I have been looking at the stream deck XL as well.

You see, I am a jack of many trades, Photographer, Web Developer and Pilot. 
I use the Adobe Suite, Office and flight simulators all with many shortcuts.

My question is how do I create my own custom templates. Does Shortkeeper do this? i found the sample templates here on the site but do not understand how they are created?


You can open a template file (with your favorite application) and write your macro definitions to it. Of course, you can just print the template and write (with a pencil) on it. The idea here is you don't have to learn a new application (and stay up to date) to create an overlay for the Enterpad.

The Enterpad is a programmable keyboard, not the stream deck XL. It is possible to configure (with a small Windows utility) the internal memory of the Enterpad to send keystrokes (like a regular keyboard).  Once the Enterpad has been configured to send keystrokes, it can be used with any computer (Windows, MAC, Linux, DOS, even your smart phone) like a regular keyboard without having to install any software/driver. This is definitely not the case with the stream deck XL.

The Enterpad has unique features specially developed for AutoHotkey/ShortKeeper. AutoHotkey is probably the best free, open source, community-supported automation software. ShortKeeper is simply a GUI (Graphic User Interface) for AutoHotkey, developed by the Enterpad team at Cedeq.

The Enterpad triggers AutoHotkey/ShortKeeper macros without using Windows hotkeys. Therefore, there is no possibility of conflict with them. This is a very important point.

The Enterpad automatically buffers (holds) its key presses if the linked AutoHotkey script (or Windows) is busy. Therefore, there is no need to worry about key presses being lost.

The Enterpad is installed like a traditional USB keyboard. It doesn't require a special driver. Just plug it in and use it with its streamlined AutoHotkey script template. The AutoHotkey script template (or ShortKeeper) will magically link to the plugged-in Enterpad.
Enterpad: For those who need more than a few shortcuts.


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