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Keyboard Shortcut - Find a Selected Text in a PDF file
As an engineer, I often need further understanding regarding a specific text like a part description, part number, revision, applicability, etc to process a job request. Because the extra information that I am looking for is in a PDF file (catalog.pdf for this example), I end up having to copy paste the text, look for and open the PDF file, paste the text in the search bar and press enter. While this looks easy to do, it can be very long and repetive which becomes a waste of time.

To solve this, I developed a quick AutoHotkey script to process the search of the selected text instantly in the PDF file. I select the text, then I activate the shortcut from Shortkeeper. Immediately after, the PDF file opens up and instantly shows the first occurence of the selected text inside the PDF file. Here's the AutoHotkey script to be used in Shortkeeper:

SendInput, ^c
Sleep 500
Run % "C:\xxxx\yyyy\catalog.pdf"
Sleep 2000
SendInput, ^f
Sleep 500
SendInput, ^v
Sleep 500
SendInput, ^g

Note that you can have many PDF reference files depending on where you want to search the selected text. Also, you can increase the sleep timers depending on the speed of your computer for proper script operation. 

This shortcut is by far a game changer and ultimately saves me lots of precious time at work. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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