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small problems
A few days ago I wrote two queries to the support center

I am a new user of Enterpad120. Days ago I sent them an email asking how to get Spanish keyboard emulator.
Now I would like you to help me with the following two questions:
- In a .pos file, how can I split a long line in two.
- In EPConfig I often get the "Wrong Device ID" error. What is the solution ? I reconnect the Enterpad120, but the error reappears.
The purchase date of Enterpad is February 5.

Perhaps the right place to ask questions was this forum

Thank you. Sincerely,
You can split a long line in two by simply using the Enter key on your regular keyboard.

Do you know where the message "Wrong Device ID" comes from (e.g. EPConfig, Windows, ShortKeeper, AutoHotkey)?

Also keep in mind that it is not possible to download a configuration file to the Enterpad (with EPConfig) if the Enterpad is already linked to AutoHotkey/ShortKeeper. Or it is not possible to link the Enterpad to AutoHotkey/ShortKeeper if you are downloading to the Enterpad (with EPConfig).
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