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Using Multiple AHK Enterpads on Single Computer
I’m looking to expand the amount of scripts I have instant access to and so would like to be able to use multiple Enterpads on a single computer, each firing different sets of AHK scripts. Is there a way I can do this?

Here is a way of using multiple Enterpads on the same computer, each triggering different AHK scripts.

First, the "Enterpad.dll" file (in the AHK Enterpad script template folder), which establishes a link to the Enterpad, needs to be replaced with another one (still in beta) that will automatically establish links with up to eight Enterpads.

Replace with the following dll if you are using 32-bit AutoHotkey: "Enterpadx8_32.dll"
Replace with the following dll if you are using 64-bit AutoHotkey: "Enterpadx8_64.dll"

Note: The dll needs to be renamed "Enterpad.dll".

Second, the "EPReport.ahk" file (in the AHK script template folder), which triggers the right AHK scripts, needs to be replaced with the latest one (if older than August 29, 2018).

Latest "EPReport.ahk"

Note: The "EPReport.ahk" file that pre-dates August 29, 2018 can trigger scripts 001 to 999. The latest "EPReport.ahk" file can trigger scripts 001 to 65535.

Finally, each Enterpad needs to be configured differently to be able to trigger different scripts.

An AHK Enterpad is an Enterpad loaded with two configuration files: "AutoHotkeyRp01.pos" for its first layer and "AutoHotkeyRp02.pos" for its second layer. These configuration files contain the script numbers to be triggered. You can create other configuration files with different script numbers and download them into the Enterpads with EPConfig. The following links can also be used to automatically load an Enterpad with different configuration files†:

Enterpad #1 (Default configuration for the AHK Enterpad):
Layer #1, scripts 001 to 230
Layer #2, scripts 501 to 730

Enterpad #2 (If you have two Enterpads, it makes sense to use these configurations for the second Enterpad):
Layer #1, scripts 1001 to 1230
Layer #2, scripts 1501 to 1730

Other configurations to come! (for those who have more Enterpads)

† Each of the links should create a temporary Enterpad folder in your Documents folder. They will then start EPConfig and wait for you to click ‘Download’. The temporary Enterpad folder will be deleted once EPConfig is closed. Please note, when configuring different Enterpads, only one Enterpad can be connected to the computer at a time, and the Enterpad cannot be linked to anything else (e.g. AHK script template, ShortKeeper, EP2VBA).
Enterpad: For those who need more than a few shortcuts.


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