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Keyboard Shortcut - Insert Today’s Date Stamp in any Document
When you’re working with a memo, letter, report or any other document where you need to write out the date, instead of typing it out on your keyboard, it’s quicker and easier to use a hotkey. With MS Word and Outlook, it is possible to insert the date using the “Alt+Shift+D” hotkey. With Excel, a different hotkey “Ctrl+;” is used. Some applications, however, do not have any hotkeys to insert the date. The following scripts will insert the current date stamp into any application (with a single hotkey):

Need help creating a keyboard shortcut with ShortKeeper using the following AutoHotkey code? This 5-minute tutorial will help!

SendInput, %A_DD%/%A_MM%/%A_YYYY%
SendInput, %A_YYYY%/%A_MM%/%A_DD%
Dec 30, 2000
SendInput, %A_MMM% %A_DD%, %A_YYYY%
December 30, 2000
SendInput, %A_MMMM% %A_DD%, %A_YYYY%

You can learn more about AutoHotkey built-in variables (A_*) here:

To insert a formatted date (and time) stamp corresponding to your locale and language
FormatTime, DateTime
SendInput, %DateTime%
Enterpad: For those who need more than a few shortcuts.


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