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Open document vs Quick notepad with ShortKeeper
If you have a todo list document like me that you write in every now and then, you have to know the difference between opening it with the function ''Open document'' and the ''Quick notepad'' one in ShorKeeper. 

When I use my todo list with notepad, I always minimize it instead of closing it because I know it is not the last time I will use it during the day. With ShorKeeper, if I use the "Open document" function to open my todo list, it will work. The problem comes when I minimize it. By doing so, when I will trigger the macro that opens my todo list, it will re-open it instead of bringing back the one I minimized. 

I bet you know what's next! If you minimize your notepad todo list, and you trigger the macro that opens it through the "Quick notepad" function, it will bring back the one you already opened. It is a cleaner way to use it because you always have the latest saved version of your document instead of having 3, 4 or 5 opened todo list on your desktop not knowing which one is the last saved. 
Just to clarify, "Open document" opens any type of document and "Quick notepad" opens a text file in Notepad.
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