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Pre Sale Question
Note: This post is taken from another forum where I provide ShortKeeper support.

Quote:Does the product require the installation of any software. I’m wondering if this can be used in an environment that does not allow the installation of any software.

That said, I do use the portable version of AHK on my computer already.

I assume you don’t have a less expensive version, perhaps with fewer keys?

Software is only needed to program the Enterpad. Once the Enterpad has been programmed to send keystrokes (i.e., any of the 101-104 keys found on a standard keyboard), it can be used in an environment that does not require the installation of any software. Thus, you can set each Enterpad key to send a shortcut key that will trigger an AutoHotkey script, and (provided AutoHotkey is installed on the system) you still won’t need to install any software to use the Enterpad.

However, the Enterpad can also trigger AutoHotkey scripts directly (without using shortcut keys to trigger them). To take advantage of this unique feature, a small portable file needs to be copied to the same folder as the AutoHotkey scripts. The AHK Enterpad script template already includes it.

To answer your last question, a device with fewer keys can be custom-built by Cedeq; however, a custom device would be more expensive. With all the AutoHotkey scripts currently available on the Internet, you might soon find uses for all of your Enterpad keys.

Quote:Thanks, denilama.
One other question.
Not sure if I should order the Standard version or the AHK version. How am I limited if I go with either ?

You are not limited with either. The AHK Enterpad is simply a standard Enterpad already configured with the "AutoHotkeyRp1.pos" file. You can easily convert an AHK Enterpad into a standard Enterpad and vice versa. You can even have a part of the Enterpad standard (e.g. keys 1-60) and another part AHK (e.g. keys 61-120).

If you know AutoHotkey, it makes sense to order the AHK version:
Enterpad: For those who need more than a few shortcuts.


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