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Failed attempt to launch Shortkeeper
(06-21-2018, 03:07 PM)denilama Wrote: This error may occur if the ShortKeeper configuration file is corrupted. You can replace it (in your ShortKeeper folder) with the following default configuration file (if you don’t have a backup): ShortKeeper.exe.Config

You might have to reset some of the configuration options in ShortKeeper (e.g. "Start AutoHotkey with ShortKeeper", "Enable hotkeys to trigger shortcuts", "Display hotkey column in saved shortcuts") since the default configuration file will restore the options to their default settings.

Thank you denilama! I can finally enjoy working on my computer again!

If it can help someone, to make sure I did not lose anything during the process of replacing the file, I created a ''ShortKeeper copy'' folder just in case it did not work. It is a safe way to work if you do not want to end up with nothing left!


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