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Code Deleted
I accidentally deleted an autohotkey code containing LOTS of Lines from inside shortkeeper. 
Thats 2 whole days of work!
(pressing DEL key)
Is there a way to recover my code?
Where is code folder located?
Thanks in advance!

To recover the accidentally deleted code, we would need some kind of backup. If you have used a cloud-based storage service such as Dropbox, MS 365, or Google Drive to store your code, there may be a chance to retrieve it from there.

Regarding the location of the AHK code file, it should be located in the same folder where you installed ShortKeeper. The file is named "ShortKeeper.ahk". Instead of editing the file, it is recommended to copy the code from the file and paste it into ShortKeeper.
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Hi! Thanks for the answer.
A single script was deleted inside the editor, not the ShortKeeper.ahk file.
I tried to press a combination of Control+alt+del for windows console but one of the autohotkey code from the list was selected and got deleted accidentally.
Also checked windows trashcan to no avail.
Is it gone for sure? no auto backups or undelete tools can save me?

Unfortunately, if a script is deleted within the ShortKeeper editor, it overwrites the ShortKeeper.ahk file, so there may not be a way to recover the code.

There are no auto-backups or undelete tools within ShortKeeper itself. We will plan to implement a confirmation dialog box in a future release of ShortKeeper to prevent accidental script deletions.
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Yes, I would suggest the dialog box.
Thanks anyway.

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