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Keyboard Shortcut - Find synonyms from a selected word
When I need to write a proposal to a customer, an email to my teammates, etc, the perfect words don't often come easily in my head. For me, it can mean that I've communicated properly my proposal to the customer, earn his trust and receive a purchase order. Typically, after selecting the text (from anywhere), you have to copy it (to the clipboard), start your browser, go to a synonym website, paste it (from the clipboard) in the query field, and then click a button to find a synonym. This whole process can be very long and repetitive.

To solve this, I developed a quick AutoHotkey script to process the finding rapidly into a synonym website. For this example, I used I '''' but you can use any other synonym website. 

Basically, I select the word that I want to find a synonym, then I activate the shortcut from Shortkeeper. Immediately after, the synonym website opens up in my internet browser and instantly shows me several synonyms of the selected word. Here's the AutoHotkey script to be used in Shortkeeper:

ClipSaved := ClipboardAll
Clipboard =
SendInput, ^c
ClipWait, 2
if ErrorLevel
 ;MsgBox % "Failed attempt to copy text to clipboard."
  Run % ""
  TextSelected := Trim(Clipboard)
  Run % "" . TextSelected
Clipboard := ClipSaved

Thanks for sharing. The script works very well.

This short tutorial "" will help someone needing help to create a keyboard shortcut with ShortKeeper using AutoHotkey code.
Enterpad: For those who need more than a few shortcuts.


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