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Logging to a website - Philippe27 - 02-18-2018

Hi! I am looking to create a shortcut to login on websites. Let's say my username is Phil and my password is 27, how can I put it down in the insert text section to make it login to the website without even pressing enter?

RE: Session login - denilama - 02-19-2018

What exactly do you have to do to enter your login details for a specific website?

For example, you might have to select the username field (if it is not already selected), type "Phil", then press Tab, then type "27", and then press Enter.

RE: Logging to a website - Philippe27 - 02-20-2018

Yes it is exactly what I want. The username field is already selected.

RE: Logging to a website - denilama - 02-20-2018

So, with ShortKeeper’s "Insert text" command, in the Param field, do the following:
  • Type "Phil" (without quotation marks)
  • Press Ctrl+Tab
  • Type "27" (without quotation marks)
  • Press Enter (this will end the Param code with a line break)
That’s it!

RE: Logging to a website - Philippe27 - 02-26-2018

It works! Thanks a lot.