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Mouse click error - denilama - 05-11-2018

Note: This post is taken from another forum where I provide ShortKeeper support.

Quote:Mouse click (Error with shortcut 9, line 3. This line does not contain a recognized action. Specifically: 300, 400 Failed attempt to start AutoHotkey.)

"Example of Param" (at the bottom of the center column) should have specified "Click, 300, 400" instead of just "300, 400". The help content has been updated (ShortKeeper v1.0.1.9). Don’t miss the three-dot helper button (to the right of Param) to get the screen coordinates.

Thank you for your feedback.

RE: Mouse click error - watsonwillam - 12-20-2018

This issue may happen for the accompanying reasons: You are unintentionally double tapping rather than single-clicking. The mouse settings have been changed, either physically or by another program, to send a numerous snap direction when you play out a solitary physical snap. The mouse drivers are undermined.