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Keyboard Shortcut - Open Several Web Pages at Once - denilama - 03-15-2018

ShortKeeper already has a basic “Launch website” command to let you quickly create a shortcut to launch a web page. But what if you want a shortcut that will launch several web pages at once? ShortKeeper has you covered with its “Run AutoHotkey code” command.

The following three scripts (one for IE, one for Chrome, and one for Firefox) launch four websites (cedeq.com, autohotkey.com, google.com, and bing.com). The scripts are designed to launch all four websites in different tabs inside the same browser window.

Need help creating a keyboard shortcut with ShortKeeper using the following AutoHotkey code? This 5-minute tutorial will help!

Google Chrome:
run % "chrome.exe " . "https://www.cedeq.com"
winwait ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1
run % "chrome.exe " . "https://www.autohotkey.com"
run % "chrome.exe " . "https://www.google.com"
run % "chrome.exe " . "https://www.bing.com"

Mozilla Firefox:
run % "firefox.exe " . "https://www.cedeq.com"
winwait ahk_class MozillaWindowClass
run % "firefox.exe " . "https://www.autohotkey.com"
run % "firefox.exe " . "https://www.google.com"
run % "firefox.exe " . "https://www.bing.com"

Internet Explorer (IE):

Attention: This AutoHotkey script is kept for reference purposes only. It is based on the web browser Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported or updated by Microsoft.
Pwb :=  ComObjCreate("InternetExplorer.Application")
Pwb.Navigate("https://www.autohotkey.com", 2048)
Pwb.Navigate("https://www.google.com", 2048)
Pwb.Navigate("https://www.bing.com", 2048)

Simple enough!!