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Full Version: Shortkeeper Command Editor
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Cedeq Shortkeeper is a Lightweight Automation Software, i did test it out and it works very well.

Shortkeeper Autohotkey Command Editor:

The First time I did not find out, that you can write multi lines of AHK Codes, I would like, that maker of this Tool does change the Software a little bit so that in the next Update, the users can visual see that the PARAM Line not only a editorliner is, but a cool Command Editor is. (With a example code – in the Run Autohotkey mode would be very useful) 

[Image: oXABDvs.png]
Thank you Nickdemar734. This is a great suggestion! We will take care of that and update this thread when the next ShortKeeper update is available.
Done with ShortKeeper V1.0.1.3 (dev)
  • The PARAM field with multi line functionality is now displayed differently than with single line functionality (suggested by Nickdemar734)
  • Help content updated
Version log: https://cedeq.com/shortkeeper/en/download

Update can be done from the ShortKeeper 'About' tab.